The Tollbooth is on view to the public 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It is located where Broadway meets 11th Avenue in downtown Tacoma.

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Past Exhibitions

December 31, 2003-February 19, 2004 "Some Say She Lost Her Head", Jared Pappas-Kelley

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February 20-April 10, 2004 "Seadrift, Texas", Bill Daniel

April 11-June 2, 2004 "Stepback", Denise Smith

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June 3-July 21, 2004 “Rising Up”, Vanessa Renwick, Donovan Skirvin, and the Celebrate People's History Poster Project

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July 22-September 10, 2004 “Rorschach Notions”, Delta Camshaft Collective

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September 11-October 27, 2004 "Perfect Entrance", Tim Sullivan

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October 28-December 11, 2004 "Maps to Radical Imagining", Wynne Greenwood

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December 12, 2004-January 29, 2005 "Tollbooth Junction: 11th & Broadway", Bridget Irish

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January 30-March 19, 2005 "Hello Central, Give Me Heaven, Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land", Mary Simpson, Rob Millis, Fionn Meade

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May 8-June 26, 2005 "The Valentine's Day Round-Up Massacre", Patrick Rock

June 27-July 31, 2005 "Jealous Poche" and "Split", Alex Schweder

August 1-September 10, 2005 "Antenna", Kristen Baumlier and Jessica Spring

September 11-October 22, 2005 "PUBLIC PARKS/PUBLIC BEACHES", Lauren Steinhardt

October 23-December 3, 2005 "No Sale", Michael Lent

December 4, 2005-February 9, 2006 Chris Sharp

February 10-March 26, 2006 Barry Maxwell

March 27-May 5, 2006 "", Femmes Regionales

May 5-July 7, 2006 Found Space @ Critical Line

May 6-June 24, 2006 Kevin Haas @ Tollbooth

June 25-August 13, 2006 "Movement", Claire Yuckert @ Tollbooth

July 21-October 1, 2006 Keeping Score: Kate Bingaman, Joanne Kim, Anna Oxygen @ Critical Line

August 14-September 30, 2006 "Dreams of Failure", Ido Fluk

October 1, 2006-December 30, 2007, Ariel Vik and Jasper Kreuger @ Tollbooth

October 21, 2006-January 7. 2007 Nativity Artists: work created in the art studio of Tacoma's homeless drop-in center @ Critical Line

December 31, 2007 "Exquisite Corpse", TSOTA @ Tollbooth