741 St. Helens
Tacoma, WA 98402


ArtRod currently focuses on 5 major projects:

-Critical Line
-Tollbooth Gallery
-Northwest Artist Registry
-Toby Room magazine
-Don't Bite the Pavement film series

ABOUT- Mission & History
The mission of ArtRod is to facilitate art exhibition in nontraditional public arenas. We have grown out of and in response to a specific need to bring contemporary art forms from a conventional museum setting and directly into the community’s path.

Established in 1958, ArtRod (formerly known as both Allied Arts and Artists Exchange) has been an active contributor to the arts in the Northwest with projects including: the Owens Beach Promenade, involvement with the Commencement Art Gallery, and as one of the original umbrella organizations for Tacoma Art Museum. More recently, ArtRod has focused on four major projects including the Tollbooth Gallery, Donít Bite the Pavement, Toby Room, and Critical Line.

The Tollbooth Gallery had its inaugural show on December 31, 2003 and was billed as the worldís smallest gallery dedicated to video art, wheat-paste, and outdoor installation (perhaps the only one). The project has garnered attention from critics and the press, having been presented at conferences and projects around the world, with its aim to bring high quality contemporary artworks to the public in a unique setting.

Since 1999, the ongoing experimental film and video showcase Donít Bite the Pavement has toured the United States and Canada. DBtP presents new work, sometimes in-process, and provides artists and filmmakers with an opportunity to screen or install their works outside of the traditional gallery setting.

In addition, we published Toby Room, a quarterly project and journal. Toby Room was formed less as an outlet for traditional reportage than as a mechanism for artists to develop and exhibit their works in print. Each installment featured an Artist-in-Residence who was given space to implement and realize their projects.

In 2006 ArtRod opened the exhibition space Critical Line. Located in downtown Tacoma, the gallery offered a site to further realize the organizationís innovative programming and emphasis on video, installation, photography, performance and new forms.

In addition to these projects, ArtRod develops online collaborations such as Posing at the Louvre and