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NEWS ******************** December 20, 2012–Happy Holidays! We will be closed for the next couple of weeks so see you in January!

December 8, 2012–Book Launch We are pleased to announce inclusion in a book by Routledge coming out in the Autumn. Reviews are already in and it looks fab. You can buy on Amazon or look for it in your academic library.

November 7, 2012–Donate now! As we do our final push for the year, we need your donations to keep our programming alive! US donations are fully tax deductible.

October 1, 2012–Busier than ever! Check us out on Twitter or Facebook under the Critical Line name or a new effort called Brokennewpublic for regular updates.

September 19, 2012–Don't forget to sign up for our newsletter.

August 27, 2012–Are you an artist who writes? We are putting together a book. Please contact us with your application for publication.

July 16, 2012–Call for artists very soon! We are launching a new exhibition, please get in touch via email to be notified. We are no programming in Europe.

July 14, 2012–Follow us on Twitter @criticalline

July 4, 2012–We are launching an online journal based on the Critical Line exhibition space. You can visit www.criticalline.co.uk to follow as it evolves.

June 20, 2012–This month check out ArtRod artist, Michael Lent's research and studio website

Februay 5, 2012–This month check out ArtRod curator, Jared Pappas-Kelley's curatorial website

January 19, 2012–Please check out the latest issue of Northwestern University's journal TriQuarterly Starting with this video from ArtRod curator!

December 2, 2011–Stay tuned! We have a lot of interesing things launching soon

October 30, 2011–Check out our newest online efforts, first there is www.criticalline.co.uk an online collaborative journal of art. We also want to refer our visitors to a great new website, www.posingatthelouvre.com

September 15, 2011 –Be sure to check out our friends at the Evolutionary Girls and their upcoming book!

March 11, 2011 –Check this out! We just posted eight interviews with artists who created work for the Tollbooth Gallery project for the first time online. These originally appeared in Toby Room 10, and explore the impact of this innovative project. Topics range from Celebrate People�s History Posters to cartography of the imagination and re-enactments of Chris Burden�s Shoot piece. Check them out and let us know what you think.

To read each interview in its entirety, click on the Exhibition Calendar link to the left and click on the link below each artist�s name.

March 1, 2010 –We are going to have a new address. So please, refrain from sending anything to the address listed on this site-as we may not get it. If you absolutely must send us something (like money, or loveletters, or presents) please email one of our board members directly. Thank you!

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